Rodeo Show

One of the very interesting sports to participate in or simply watch is the rodeo. As you have probably seen in many western movies, rodeo is all about cowboys, horses and cattle. One of the elements of rodeo shows that make it appealing to the rider and to the audience is danger. The risk in the safety of the rider in a rodeo show creates thrill and excitement not just among the riders themselves, but also among the audience.

Some facts about rodeo the rodeo show

A rodeo show basically showcases the skills of the cowboys in cattle handling. A rodeo show is actually not new. It started in the 1800s when cowboys compete with each other to be considered the best in handling cattle. Today, a rodeo show still exists as one of the favourite sports of many thrill-seekers. In many places around the world, especially in the west, a rodeo show is held annually and facilitated by organizations specialising in rodeo sports. There are actually many organisations that support rodeo and work on promoting it as a popular sport.

Kinds of rodeo show

There are actually various types of rodeo show or event. There is a rodeo event or show that is timed. One of the timed rodeo show involves a team of riders attempting to throw a steer to the ground by tying the horns and the heels of the steer and pulling the ropes. This rodeo show is known as team roping. There is also a rodeo show where you will only see female participants. This rodeo, which is exclusive only for cowgirls, is called barrel racing. This rodeo show requires the speed and agility of female participants. And then there is also the bull riding, which is a rodeo show that involves the cowboy riding a bull instead of a horse. This rodeo show earned popularity among the audience because of the high risk involved.

Any of the rodeo shows mentioned above can be organised individually or as part of the a larger rodeo show, which includes various events. Some places have certain season for rodeo shows. In the US, for example, rodeo competitions are held during the seasons of spring and fall. In some cases, shows are canceled because of bad weather condition. There are also cases in which rodeo shows did not push through because of the restriction set by local government as influenced by animal rights advocates.