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Rodeo is a sport that originated from the working practice of cattle herding in Mexico, Spain and other areas. The term "rodeo" was taken from Spanish, which means "round up". Rodeo as a sport can be traced back to the 1800s in the annual branding and roping of cattle in the Spanish America. The round up encouraged competition among the "vaqueros" or cowboys (as they are called in the US). From the United States, rodeo reached Canada and even Australia.

Today, rodeo is still considered a very exciting sport not just in the places of its origin, but also in many places around the globe. Among interesting facts about rodeo is that it started centuries ago as a thrilling sport and still continues to be an exciting sport today.

There are various rodeo events, and below are some of the rodeo events and their short descriptions.

  • Barrel racing - In this rodeo event, speed and agility are the most important skills needed to win the game. This rodeo event is exclusive for women. In this timed competition, the rider and her horse gallop around the clover leaf patterns of barrels.
  • Steer wrestling - This is another timed rodeo event. In this contest, the rider wrestles the steer to the ground by grabbing it in the horns. Steer wrestling is among the most dangerous events in rodeo.
  • Calf roping - In this timed rodeo event, the calf is roped around the neck, and then the rider dismounts and throws the calf down. The rider then ties the three legs of the calf. The rider should leave the calf tied for six seconds so he can earn a score.
  • Team roping - This roping rodeo event requires a team made up of two riders. This rodeo event is also known as "heading and heeling". In this rodeo, one rider has to tie the horns of the steer and the other rider has to tie the hind legs. They should then pull the steer to make it lose its balance. Team roping is the only rodeo event where men and women can compete with each other.
  • Bull riding - In this rodeo event, instead of a horse, the cowboy rides a bull. This is also one of the most dangerous rodeo events because of the risk of being attacked by the bull once the rider falls down from the bull.

Rodeo can be a very dangerous sports, this is probably one of the reasons this sport have stirred excitement not just among cowboys but also among the avid viewers of this sport for centuries. The existence of various rodeo events today and the number of people who watched these events only prove that rodeo sport has withstood the test of time.

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